Japan is a country of earthquakes. Scientists at universities and institutes have been studying diligently to predict them and reduce their damage as much as possible.
It is well known that a mouse can sense the signs of an earthquake and make its escape. In Japan, the animal to be observed is catfish. They live in freshwater, such as lakes, ponds, rivers, and rice fields. Since olden times, it has been said that catfish go into a frenzy before an earthquake. It was proved scientifically last century, by monitoring their nerve cells, that they have a keen ability to sense electricity. Research shows that the amount of electricity in the water changes slightly before an earthquake, and that change seems to cause the wild behavior of catfish.
Also well-known here is the fact that the Crown Prince Akishino, the younger brother of the Emperor, studied catfish when he was a university student.
This seems sensible because in Japan, catfish and earthquakes are naturally linked. So, I was caught off guard when a student said, "Catfish and earthquakes!? Japan is a strange country."
Wow! No catfish, no Japan!

Catfish from the front