SS Private Japanese Lesson in Kyoto City


Private Japanese Lessons in Kyoto City

Customized Classes to Suit Your Needs

Visiting You at Your Convenience

Learn Japanese with Your Own Tutor

"Interesting and useful lessons!"

Are some of the responses from my students.

Qualified and experienced professional language teacher for non-native speakers of Japanese can customize classes to suit your needs, visiting you to give individual lessons.

Learn Japanese in Kyoto, the center of Japan's traditional culture!!

Katsura Imperial Villa

Have you ever thought of
taking personal one to one lessons at a place you like?
Why not try? If you are hesitating to learn Japanese because

  • you are too busy to go to a Japanese language school,
  • you can not leave home as you have family commitments,
  • you are not sure if the teacher can meet your needs,
  • you do not want to pay expensive up-front non-refundable fees,
  • you think the teacher may be lazy or impatient,

please contact me and take a free trial lesson.

  • If you are not in Kyoto City now, you can use Skype and have a free 60-minute trial lesson with counseling.

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