carrot 1

black (dark purple) carrots

When you consider all of the world cuisines, there is no doubt that orange-colored carrots are one of the most important vegetables. But I saw black (dark purple) carrots for the first time in Kyoto at the French consulate Christmas market. They were a great novelty to me.
So, I bought a pack and brought one carrot to a lesson for an American student who loves cooking. However, he declined my present politely because he was already familiar with black carrots. According to him, originally there were sevral colors of carrots, such as white, yellow, black. Then they were modified in the Netherlands, corresponding to the color of its national flag, and these orange ones spread all over the world.
Next, I asked a Hong Kongese student about them, and she said they have black carrots in supermarkets in Hong Kong.
The balloon of excitement in my heart deflated to learn that black carrots are nothing special in other parts of the world.
potage of black carrot