curious boy

Keihan Railway

Kyoto welcomes people from all over the world. However, in the rural areas surrounding the city, it is still common not to see foreign people. A student, whose appearance is different for a typical Japanese, told me a funny story recently. One day, he got on a train from Kyoto to Osaka. During the ride, he met a 5-year-old Japanese boy traveling with his mother. The boy was so curious about the student's non-Japanese-looking face that he stared at the man for a long time. The boy was very outgoing, and soon began to ask him a lot of questions which came from the 5-year-old mind. The questions were like, "Do you like trains?" "Where do you live?" or "What is your favorite food?" etc. Passengers around them could hear the conversation, and they giggled. My student said that he enjoyed the Japanese conversation with the boy very much, and the funniest question he was asked was, "Are you a human?" The student is very nice and gentle, so he said "Yes, I am," and smiled. Mmm... If I were him, I might have said, "No, I'm a spaceman," and surprised the cute boy a little bit.
The boy and the mom had to get off the train before reaching Osaka. The boy didn't want to leave the student, and asked repeatedly, "Aren't you getting off?" The child's mom pulled him onto the platform.

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